Think Globally and Regionally, Act Locally


Local Actions Can Have Larger Consequences

We live in an interconnected world, in which local decisions can, cumulatively, have regional and global consequences – for better or for worse.

Local Action Icon 10 150The cumulative impacts of the many individual planning and development decisions by the fifteen cities in Santa Clara County, for example, have resulted in a serious shortage of housing for our growing population and the workforce attracted to employment opportunities in “Silicon Valley.” This has pushed housing development onto farmlands and other open space lands in nearby and not so nearby counties, resulting in long distance commuting that contributes to air pollution, water pollution, global warming, and continued dependency on foreign oil.

All communities have obligations to make decisions that contribute responsibly to meeting the needs of our region, state, nation, and planet – and to providing leadership in addressing problems that extend beyond their individual boundaries.

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Santa Clara County League of Conservation Voters

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