Environmental Sustainability Principles for Local Governments

Our planet and our local environments face very serious challenges – perhaps the greatest in our lifetimes. How well we meet these challenges will affect our environmental, economic, and social well-being, both in the short term and for generations to come. It is important therefore that we take these challenges seriously and do all that we can to address them responsibly. Local governments – through the actions and decisions of their elected and appointed leaders and staff – can play important roles in meeting these challenges.

The Santa Clara County League of Conservation Voters' Environmental Sustainability Principles for Local Governments is intended to provide general guidance to local governments in thinking about, preparing for, and taking effective actions to meet the significant challenges that are rapidly beginning to affect our environment and our lives.

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  • Environmental Sustainability Principles
  • Why General Principals?

Think Globally and Regionally, Act Locally

  • Local Actions Can Have Larger Consequences

Act Responsibly for a Better Future

  • The Present is Borrowed from the Future
  • Positive, Long Term Visions Mark the Path to a Better Future

Enhance and Protect Our Natural and Built Environment

  • The Fate of Natural and Built Environments are Inseparable
  • Sustainability Involves The Environment, The Economy, and Social Equity
  • Maintaining the Status Quo is Not an Option
  • Planning Responsibly for Growth is Essential
  • Housing is an Important Environmental Issue
  • Need for More Alternatives to the Automobile Land Use
  • Determines Mobility Options
  • Preservation is Not Enough
  • Sustainability Requires Efficient and Responsible Resource Use
  • Lasting Community Support is Critical
  • A Responsible Sense of Urgency is Needed
  • Bold Visions and Collaborative Leadership Will Be Required
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Santa Clara County League of Conservation Voters

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